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MOV Guitars is a modern artisanal guitar manufacturing laboratory that was born from the passion for instruments and music.

In M.O.V.Guitars laboratory we make every kind of repair service, change or restoration for guitars and basses, acoustic and electric.

Our support service is offered within the bounds of transparency and the highest quality. Each instrument is registered and monitored in every processing stage and subjected to a strict final inspection, so that the product meets the customer requirements in every single detail.

M.O.V.Guitars is the place where even the most demanding professionals and amateurs can find the answers to their needs.

Thanks also to the collaboration and the advice of a network of professional workers in the field, you can meet every need related to the guitar world.

M.O.V.Guitars is an acronym that origins from the initials of Master Luthier Restorer, Marco Omar Viola, who graduated in 1999 at the “Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano”, where he attended the “plucked instruments” construction course.

His passion for music, and guitar in particular, was born very early and soon he became enthusiastic about every technical aspect of the instrument, leading him to the decision of making it his profession.

During the years of his studies and after his graduation, he worked as a collaborator in different laboratories building and repairing all kinds of stringed instrument.

Born in 2008, M.O.V.Guitars established itself as a reference point for many players, but also for shops and distributors, which benefit from the quality of the service.

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M.O.V.Guitars – Viola Marco Omar

via della Libertà, 3
Paderno Dugnano 20037 -MI-

Phone: +39 02 39445453

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  • Monday-Friday: 15.00-19.00
  • Saturday: 16.00-19.00
  • Sunday: Closed